Victory QuickSpec

Victory QuickSpec is a software application developed for Audiovox. It is used by their tech support department, who provide installation support for their mobile electronics products.

The software runs against a local copy of the Technician Services web services, hosted at Audiovox. Audiovox techs are able, using Victory QuickSpec, to see both automobile data provided by Victory Technologies, as well as their own automobile data, which they can enter and manage in QuickSpec.

The Audiovox TechServices web sites compliment Victory QuickSpec. They serve as a customer-facing technical support system, allowing end-users to access the same information Audiovox techs are manipulcating in QuickSpec.

Specialties Used in This Project

DelphiDevExpress VCLRemObjects SDKSOAPSQL ServerSubversionVisual SourceSafeWeb Services